Most large-scale residences and commercial properties will have air ducts. Most responsible and successful commercial property owners know just how important good risk management and housekeeping is for their investments. And the cleaning of the air duct is just one area of work that forms part of these principles.  The significance of this begins with a short note from your US Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA advises that, still to this day, no conclusive evidence is available to show that actual duct cleaning will be able to alleviate health hazards. At the same time, there is no evidence to suggest that high dust levels within residential properties are due to dirty air ducts. The salient reason for this is due to the fact that dirt within air ducts merge with duct surfaces and may not enter the property’s interiors in any event.

Service providers will be proposing a number of innovative methods for the purposes of cleaning the air duct. One proposal made is the application of a sealant. This prevents dust and dirt from being released into the air. It is also used to seal air leaks. But service providers also need to be upfront to their consumers on the possible application of chemical biocides that have the potential to become added health hazards.

air ductEPA advises

Two clear indications of having to clean the air duct are thus. There will be visible signs of mold growth within a hard surface. And air ducts can also be infested with vermin or pests.

Two further motivations can be made for having the air duct cleaned. Ducts can become clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris. And these particles still have the ability to be released into your interiors’ atmosphere. And the regular cleaning and maintenance of heating and cooling systems will contribute towards its efficiency as well as helping to improve your energy efficiency.

But is has also been argued that regular cleaning of ducts, air cooling and heating systems could end up being detrimental to the systems’ ability to perform optimally. Nevertheless, the EPA does advise that cleaning such devices should only be done when absolutely necessary. More importantly perhaps, the EPA does advise that installations should be inspected prior to a heating season in order to protect interiors from carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, recommendations and explanations on the results of cleaning air conditioning and heating installations are perhaps best followed by practicing and licensed technicians who ironically have been given their stamp of approval by the EPA.

This short informational article, published in the spirit of greening all local environments and reducing its carbon footprints, has focused on the essentials of having all commercial (and domestic) properties’ air ducts cleaned, thus elevating it as a sustainable development. And an environmentally friendly initiative at that. There is also the practical motivation in being able to follow the EPA’s recommendations in the sense that property owners do have licensed air conditioning and heating installations technicians to rely on for their work.