If the time to update the bathroom with a new vanity has come, perhaps learning more about the trends for this item will benefit you considerably. When you know the current trends in bathroom vanities, it is easy to choose something that matches your style that won’t go out of style in the near future. What are the top bathroom vanities Brookfield WI trends?

Open Bottoms

Open bottoms are popular for the latest modern-styles of bathroom vanities. The open bottom lets you decorate the area with a simple fixture of your choosing or stack tissue and other bathroom necessities.

Open Shelving

Vanities with open shelving are easier to use and offer many more uses than other types of vanities. They’re also cheaper, if that is a concern. The open shelf vanity is also a space saver for small bathrooms.

White, Gray Vanities

Neutral colors have long been used in various areas and space throughout the home and now, they colors have made their way into the bathroom vanities that we use. Neutral colored vanities grow with your decorative style and provide a stylish, yet subtle tone to the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Costs

The bathroom vanity trends above are a handful of the options available. Which is your favorite? No matter which option you prefer, you probably want to know how much it will cost. It is ideal to request estimates and compare prices to ensure the best price is found for the bathroom vanity of your choice.

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Final Thoughts

Follow the trends and your bathroom will look great. The trends listed here are some of the best and you’re sure to love how well they accentuate this room in the home. Are you ready to choose your vanity with this information in mind?